Interview with Dorians (Armenia in ESC 2013)

“Dorians” consists of five musicians: Gor Sujyan (lead vocal), Gagik Khodavirdi (lead guitar), Edgar Sahakyan (bass guitar), Arman Pahlevanyan (keyboards) and Arman Jalalyan (drums).
Gor Sujyan, the front man of the rock band, took the decision to become a musician when he first listened to the song Stairway To Heaven by Led Zeppelin, which has been symbolic and, perhaps, fatal. In a very short period of time the young man who never ever took music education has recorded outstanding achievements in the music industry together with his friends.

* Who are your biggest musical influences?
Led Zeppelin; as it had its own influence on the formation of our band; in 2008 when our band was just formed, it was a cover band and was named “Gor and friends”. Back then we used to play mostly the songs by Led Zeppelin. But in less than a year we went through some major rearrangements: “Gor and Friends” was renamed to “Dorians” and in the line with covers we began producing our own songs.

* What is the story behind your ESC song?
As you might already know the music of our song was written by Toni Iommi, who is best known as a founder member of the pioneering heavy metal band Black Sabbath. Our manager asked him to write a song for our entry and he kindly accepted the request. When we received the music from Tony Iommi, we passed it to Vardan Zadoyan who wrote the lyrics of “Lonely Planet”. Vardan Zadoyan is the creative producer of the band and writes our lyrics.

Armenia: Second rehearsal* What do you think about this year's theme art (the multi-coloured butterfly) and the "we are one" slogan?
As the butterfly and as well as the slogan are pretty nice. The most important thing about them is they have a deep message.

* Have you listened to all of this year’s songs?

* Which ones are your favourites?
We really like Malta’s entry and Italy’s entry.

* Any especially difficult rivals? Why do you think so?
We don’t find anyone as an opponent for us. All of the representatives from different countries are our colleagues. We respect them all and wish them good luck in Malmo.

* For you, what's the meaning of representing your country through music?
It is really important for us. That is why our purpose is neither to win nor to lose. We are just going to do our best as artists and we are going to try not to disappoint people who love and support us.

* How do you feel about the pressure behind participating in the ESC?
We don’t feel any pressure. We are pretty relaxed :)

* How do you feel when you realise that you are going to have fans in countries you would have never imagined and that thanks to you probably many people will meet and become friends?
This is probably the most exciting thing about Eurovision.

* What is the question you would never answer and why?
Never thought of that, but we don’t like talking about our personal lives. We want the audience to like us as artists and be the fan of our music, not ourselves.

Armenia: Second rehearsal* Going back in time, which one of your country's songs is your favourite in ESC history and why?
There were so many good ones. But let’s point out Armenia’s “Qele-Qele”, which was presented in 2008 by Sirusho. People still love and listen to that song.

* Any favourite ESC winners (from any country)?
From the recent ones let’s point out Serbian singer Marija Serifovic. “Molitva” was an amazing song.

* What can you tell us about the staging for your performance?
Let’s keep it a secret, so it’ll be a surprise for the audience.

* Any messages for our readers in Portugal and abroad?
We want to thank them for all the love and support they show! We really appreciate it.

Interview elaborated by: 
- Max Rod (Portugal no ESC represetantive in Malmo)

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