Interview with Takasa (Switzerland in ESC 2013)

Takasa is a unique band, made up of six individuals who share their passion for music. Their ages range from 21-year-old Sarah Breiter to 95-year-old Emil Ramsauer, who will set a new record for being the oldest ever musician to perform on the Eurovision Song Contest stage.
The Swiss public chose the rock ballad You And Me as Switzerland’s entry for the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest in December 2012. They will take part in the 2nd semi-final, on 16 May.

* What is the story behind your ESC song?
The song was born out of an idea that the Salvation Army could participate in the Eurovision Song Contest. The Salvation Army did a musical project with the assistance of HitMill several years ago. The link therefore was done back at that time. HitMill has the qualification to do amazing songs. Inspirational discussions with the songwriter, Georg Schlunegger, and us created a common idea of what the song actually should transmit and then HitMill created this catchy song. The song intends to spread positive emotions and feelings and therefore fits very well into the Eurovision Song Contest context. The contest intends to connect cultures and people by music and that's what we do and believe as well. We believe that only supportive relationships can last in the long run and finally create a healthy community. It's about respect, trust and love.

* Do you think the change of the group's name can affect you negatively?
Takasa means “to make pure” in Swahili, and epitomises the pure joie de vivre and love of music that the band embodies. It also represents their spirituality. The name is thought in the way of “Hakuna matata” from The Lion King. It shall spread positive feelings.

* Have you listened to all of this year’s songs?
Yes, we have. We think that there are a lot of good songs. But the song itself is not the entire ESC experience. We would love therefore to visit some rehearsals in Malmö to listen to the songs as a group and enjoy them.
Switzerland: Second Rehearsal* Which ones are your favourites?
We first make our minds up for our semi-final. As soon as we (hopefully) will make it to the final we will think about the other candidates. Ask us again in Malmö!

* Any especially difficult rivals? Why do you think so?
We think that Gianluca from Malta has a song and performance that meets the taste of a similar audience like ours. And there are other good songs. We think that Krista Siegfrids’s performance is definitely not a direct competitor – but her group’s choreography is amazing!

* For you, what's the meaning of representing your country through music?
We feel honoured. We think that the group represents Switzerland well but also meets the sympathy of other nations and cultures.

* How do you feel when you realise that you are going to have fans in countries you would have never imagined and that thanks to you probably many people will meet and become friends?
It is great and impressive to see how many fans the ESC has. People from all over the world support it and it’s amazing to see how the ESC brings people together. We feel honoured to be part of this unique event.

* What can you tell us about the staging for your performance?
Modest, authentic with a great song. The focus will rather be on the band and the song than on wild choreography.

* Any messages for our readers in Portugal and abroad?
A better world begins with every individual person and the will to build long-lasting relationships. That’s the message of our song and we hope it will pass across Europe. Please help us to do so.

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- Max Rod (Portugal no ESC represetantive in Malmo)

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